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About Us
Democracy Capital Corporation is a lender who specializes in niche real estate loans, bridge loans, and business loans. We are a boutique specialty lender with extensive experience in all types of small balance commercial loans. We are not a broker, we fund loans directly.

We offer financing in the range of $50,000 to $10,000,000.  As lending experts, we understand the needs of our clients and how to cater loan terms to correspond with our client’s needs.


Our clients are business owners, commercial real estate experts, and professional athletes who are in need of transitional financing. These clients may have been turned down for a bank loan based on their previous track record (or lack of one), credit history, or the uniqueness of the collateral or loan request. We also work with borrowers who seek long term financing in situations where traditional bank financing is not available.


The Democracy Capital team has demonstrated outstanding performance throughout a number of business and real estate cycles. 




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